Organic Hopi Black Sunflower Seeds

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Organic Hopi Black Sunflower Seeds

Hopi Black sunflowers are an important cultural crop for the Hopi.  The enormous flowerheads and seeds provide food and oil. Organic Hopi Black Sunflower Seeds hulls create a soft purple-gray shade on natural fibers.  Sunflowers (Helianthus annus) are native to North and Central America and feature tall stalks, with a large terminal bud, which is the sunflower disc-shaped blossom.  Some varieties are multi-branched.  Most pollinators adore sunflowers and there’s nothing that says summer more than watching the bees hover around the sunflowers in the garden.

Native Seeds Search has a detailed page on Hopi Black sunflowers including cultural and medicinal uses.


Direct sow after last frost. Sunflowers love full sun, rich soil and regular water.  The flowers can reach up to 10 feet in height and sometimes require staking if they get too lanky. Thin to 12-24 inches apart. Harvest when seedheads have dropped their blossoms and the seeds are fully black.  The seedheads may be dried for future dyeing.  Consume the seeds and save the hulls for dye baths.  We always leave a few smaller sunflower plants for the birds during the late summer and fall.

Each package contains approximately 50-60 seeds.

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