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Scabiosa purpurea

bedhead fibers says:

If I were a lyricist, I would write songs about Pin Cushion, aka Scabiosa. These extravagantly colored flowers are a joy in the flower garden and they will also yield soft shades ranging from a purple-gray to a sea green on wool.  I know, very confusing, but a lot of fun!  They are happiest in the sun. Start seeds indoors or direct sow after threat of last frost has passed. Plant 6-12” apart. Barely cover with soil as light helps with germination, can successively plant every 2-3 weeks. Each packet contains about 75 seeds.

All bedhead fiber seeds have been sourced from farms within the US and are non-GMO

We regret that we cannot ship seeds internationally.


Photos by Kristina Moravec. Contact bedhead fiber to arrange usage terms.

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