Plant Work Shop Rosemary Infused Hemp Oil

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From Plant Work Shop:

Plant Work Shop Rosemary Infused Hemp Oil is a healing serum. It is made with organic rosemary from our garden. Rosemary is a powerful herb with antioxidant properties. In addition, it helps stimulate circulation. Blended with a formula of nourishing + regenerating oils: jojoba, apricot kernel, marula, and camellia. For example, use this as a cleansing oil for the face, as a moisturizer for the skin. Similarly, use as a shaving oil, or hair treatment oil. We offer a generously sized 4 ounce bottle with stopper.

Plant Work Shop is a Cape Cod-based studio space. In addition, we feature workshops and classes alongside a thoughtfully curated garden and kitchen shop. In addition, products include a studio-produced botanical collection of salves, oils, and candles, as well as naturally dyed linens. Owner + proprietor, Milisa Moses hand makes and dyes each piece.  Local friend and textile designer, Marie Weber of Emerald Acre sews the linens. Much of the collection includes plants and flowers from Milisa’s garden. She also sources from local Cape cod farmers and growers.

All organic ingredients in Plant Work Shop Rosemary Infused Hemp Oil: rosemary leaves,  jojoba oil, hemp oil, apricot kernel oil, marula Oil, camellia oil, neem Oil, Vitamin E

Packaged in a light-resistant 4 oz. glass bottle.

Handmade on Cape Cod

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Weight 210 g
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