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Handspun Kala Cotton Fabric is a beautiful, completely handmade fabric from the Kachchh district of western Gujurat, India. Kala cotton is considered one of the original Old World cotton strains. Additionally, it does not require irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides to thrive in low water conditions. This soft and luxurious fabric is suitable for clothing and accessories or interiors such as curtains, throws and pillow covers. A close examination of the fabric reveals a slubby, thick and thin singles yarn with flecks of cotton husk that adds tons of character to the finished piece.

Kala cotton is a short-stapled, stretchy fiber with a creamy color. Much of the fabric is produced in villages or individual weaver households and the weave is slightly open as it comes off the loom. Once the fabric is washed, the weave may create an overall diagonal tracking pattern that can be pressed out if you prefer a smoother surface. This fabric would be beautiful made into a simple kimono style jacket, or two lengths seamed together and fringed into a cozy throw.

We estimate that shrinkage will be in the 10% -12% range in both warp and weft. If you are planning to dye this fabric, we recommend scouring to remove starches, waxes and to open the fibers for dyeing. Please hem or serge the raw edges to avoid the threads tangling as this is a fairly open weave fabric and raw edges will fray in the dye process.

The fabric is approximately 45-46 inches wide and is sold by the yard.  We receive the yardage in approx. 10 yard lengths. If you order more than 10 yards, you will receive more than one length.


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1.5 in


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