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Please note these are Persicaria tinctoria seeds from late 2020 harvest.  Persicaria has lower viability after the first year, but there are plenty of seeds in these packages so you can get an indoor head start on the growing season while we wait for the sun to return!

We are so excited to be carrying Japanese Indigo seeds (Persicaria tinctoria) from Grand Prismatic Seed!

Grand Prismatic says:

Growing your own blue is intensely satisfying! There is nothing quite like watching your project oxidize from a murky yellowish green to crisp blue before your very eyes! Our Japanese indigo population is a diverse mixture of pink and white flowered genetics. Therefore, it’s a nice gene pool for individuals interested in making their own selections.

Start seeds indoors and transplant to 1′ apart after danger of frost. We like to slightly over-seed our flats, and then select for the most vigorous seedlings. So after your plants become productive, you can cut and come again throughout the season.

If you are new to dyeing with indigo, Fibershed has some incredible educational materials on their website. So check out this PDF The Production of Indigo Dye from Plants. If you want a quick indigo project that doesn’t require any chemicals, fermenting, or reducing, fresh leaf indigo dyeing is a great gateway project. The Dogwood Dyer has a great tutorial for this method found here.

Indigo seeds:  approx 150 seeds per packet


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