Kata Golda Bandanas

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Our Kata Golda bandanas are dyed in collaboration with Botanical Colors indigo and chestnut. In addition, they are roughly 20 x 20 in size. The two solid Kata Golda Bandanas have a hand embroidered design on the back. In addition, Kata Golda sew them with black, machine-stitched, cotton thread. The honey comb design does not have an embroidered design but is finished with the black edging and dyed with Botanical Colors indigo.

The slide is a cast piece. They made them from recycled yellow bronze. It is our new favorite piece of jewelry for all the bandannas we are wearing in the studio!



Nestled snugly in the small, mossy seaside town of Port Townsend, WA is my studio and the home of Kata Golda.  I find my inspiration in the natural world, so I try to begin each day with a walk in the woods or time digging in the garden. By midmorning my mind is fresh and full of ideas and I’m ready to spend the day creating. I have a hard time sitting still. The flow of my day shifts between the repetitive production of filling orders, scheming and sketching new ideas for the line, and stitching something simply for pleasure. This rhythm is punctuated by domestic arts as I love cooking, mending and keeping a tidy and organized space. I use these rituals as a way to clear my head, structure my day, and focus my craft.

Kata Golda has grown into a flourishing business with the help of many skilled artisans living on the West Coast of the United States. Kata Golda strives to pay living wages and preserve crafts such as needlework, letterpress printing, hand-thrown pottery, hand-dyed textiles, felting and bookbinding.   We carefully select environmentally friendly materials and use up every little scrap of fabric. Kata Golda strives to produce zero waste and have the lowest impact on our planet as possible.

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