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Okanogan Weld Seeds (Reseda luteola) creates a bright, clear yellow and is one of the oldest yellow dye colors. The plant is a biennial, meaning that the plant traditionally matures in the second year. However, many gardeners have told me that they are able to harvest the first year and re-grow the plant the following year for a second harvest.  Additionally, our grower, Two Looms Textiles says:

I plant weld early each spring and save ~100+ of the best plants just to collect seed from—I think we are probably the only ones to select weld plants with the best traits for natural dyeing. Although still a work in progress, we have been breeding plants for high dye content, single season maturity, and uniform time of bolting. We recommend that you direct seed these seeds in early spring and harvest the same year.

Weld is a large, rangy plant and grows about 2-5 feet (60-150cm) tall with a tall central stalk and small yellow flowers.  It’s a member of the mignonette family and the tiny flowers have a sweet scent.  Additionally, the flowers, leaves and small stalks contain the most dye color.  Our Okanogan weld seeds are grown in Washington’s beautiful Okanogan Valley near the Canadian border.

Carrie Sundra of Alpenglow Yarn has a great blog post about growing weld. She details the difference in the colors she gets from dyeing with the leaves, stalks and flowers.  It’s a great read!

Package contains approximately 2000 seeds.  Two Looms estimates a germination rate of 96%.

These seeds are packaged for 2022.

We regret that we cannot ship seeds internationally.

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