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We have a few packs of seeds from Blue Light Junction and they are so much better in your garden than on our shelves.  Please note these are 2021 seeds harvested in October 2020 and Persicaria seeds are less viable the second year.  There are still plenty of seeds in each pack to start your indigo patch and get a jump on the season!  You will receive Parks and People or Hidden Harvest seeds.

We are super excited to be offering Persicaria tinctoria Indigo Seeds from Blue Light Junction.  These seeds sprout from an amazing collaboration and community effort among Blue Light Junction, neighborhood groups, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland State Arts Council.

Blue Light Junction is an alternative color lab, natural dye garden & educational facility focusing on growing, processing and preserving the history of natural dyes and their enhancements and use in everyday objects. Artists and growers Sun English, Kenya Miles and Rosa Chang along with volunteers and many community hands cultivated this 2020 crop and harvested the Persicaria Tinctoria Indigo seeds this past October.

The Persicaria tinctoria seeds come in 2 formats from 2 different terroirs, both in Baltimore, MD. The first is whole seeds in a 2 gram packet, grown at Hidden Harvest annex Dye Garden. The second is a 2 gram “bouquet” of dried indigo blossoms containing seeds which require hulling prior to planting and grown and harvested at Parks and People Foundation. Each 2 gram packet contains between 75-100 seeds and the seeds are the same variety.

The catalyst project was the Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative, an 18-month multi-agency project that aims to explore the cultural and economic impacts of growing and using natural dyes in the region. Participating agencies and support include MICA, community groups, Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland State Arts Council.

We regret we cannot ship these seeds internationally.

Do you know about our new Farm & Garden donations page? Botanical Colors is excited to begin highlighting local and small farm and garden growers of natural dyestuffs. We will be shining a well-deserved spotlight on women growers, Black, Indigenous, and Growers of Color who have long been marginalized and underrepresented. We are happy to collect donations to be equally divided among a rotating group of growers.


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