Calendula Seeds (Pot Marigolds)


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Calendula (Calendula officianalis)  is a super versatile plant:  easy to grow, renowned as an ingredient in healing salves, tinctures and ointments, and of course, a natural dye flower.  The color yield from the flower heads is a light, lovely clear yellow and the flowers and bracts are also prized for their anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is slightly sticky, and it is this property that the herbalist uses to create oils and remedies for common ailments.  The flower petals are edible and the blooms are pollinator-friendly.  Add this cheerful plant to your dye garden for its healing and wonderful color properties.  Calendula is also called Pot Marigold and its genus is Calendula.  The other marigold is native to Central America and its genus is Tagetes.  They differ in that Calendulas are flatter and more “daisy” looking than Mexican or French marigolds.

Our calendula seeds are from our friend, bedhead fiber and we are so pleased to offer calendula this year!

Photos by Kristina Moravec. Contact bedhead fiber to arrange usage terms.


Please note:  We are sorry but we cannot ship this product internationally due to restrictions on plant and seed imports in most countries.

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