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Marigold (Tagetes erecta) is native to Central America and was used as a flavoring ingredient for cacao by the Aztecs.  The flower is believed to guide the spirits toward the elaborate altars decorated with sweets, mementos and remembrances of the dead.  In India, marigold garlands are used for weddings and other auspicious events.  Fresh garlands of marigold, jasmine and other flowers are used for temple offerings.

Marigolds are easy to grow and are touted as useful as a deterrent to unwanted insects.  They are aromatic and yield lots and lots of lovely blooms if regularly deadheaded.  The blossoms can be used fresh or dried and if you want a crop next year, save a couple of nice blooms and dry them for seed.

Bedhead fiber says:

Oh, beloved Marigold! They are happiest in sun. A tolerant plant, but they need well draining soil. Will yield the richest yellows and oranges to even copper! Can start indoors or direct seed after the fear of frost has passed. Plant 6-12” apart,¼” deep. Each packet contains about 75 seeds. Edible, pollinator friendly, the best.


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