Bachelor’s Buttons Seeds


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Centaurea cyanus

Bachelor’s Buttons, also known as Cornflowers do not need much care; once established, the flower is drought resistant and will self-seed. Bachelor’s Buttons need a well drained soil, which may be poor and rocky or somewhat fertile.

bedhead fibers says:

These sweet, deep blue cornflowers are a dream to grow and yield a lovely purple color on fibers. Enjoys sun, but can be content in partial shade. Prefers cooler temperatures. Direct seed, spreading evenly. Pollinator Friendly and edible! Each packet contains about 150 seeds.

Prohibited in North Carolina.

Please note:  We are sorry but we cannot ship this product internationally due to restrictions on plant and seed imports in most countries.

All bedhead fiber seeds have been sourced from farms within the US and are non-GMO.

Photos by Kristina Moravec. Contact bedhead fiber to arrange usage terms.

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