Organic Dyer’s Flower Blend Seeds




Organic Dyer’s Flower Blend Wildflower Seeds from the Pollinator Project and Bedhead Fiber.

A collaboration between a beekeeper/gardener, and her sister, our friend Bedhead Fiber! These lovely dye flowers are also attractive to bird and insect pollinators, which help keep our crops and orchards blooming and bearing. Planting these seeds will help native pollinators and honeybees by planting the food that they love most and you will benefit with lots of blooms for the dye pot!

This mix contains five of our favorite dye flowers, including

Alcea nigra, Hollyhock
Coreopsis tinctora, Dyer’s Coreopsis
Cosmos sulphureus, Sulfur Cosmos
Rudbekia, Black Eyed Susan
Anthemis tinctora, Dyer’s Chamomile

Growing instructions

Instructions: For best results, evenly distribute seeds over prepared soil, and directly rake seeds below the surface, no deeper than 1/8 of an inch. Keep the soil damp, not wet to encourage germination. For a more casual approach, simply sprinkle seeds evenly over a surface with plenty of soil and sun. Sow seeds after the weather reaches 55 degrees. Each packet contains an ample amount of seeds – approximately 700 per pack.

Bedhead Fiber says:

All of the flowers in this mix love sun, so avoid too-shady areas. Easy to grow and maintain in most regions of the US of A. Seeds are non-GMO, and some are organic.

Additional information

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × .2 in


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