US-Grown Organic Madder Root (Rubia tinctorum)


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We are the fortunate recipients of a beautiful, organic madder root grown in the US. Madder historically hails from the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia and is one of the oldest dyes known to mankind.  It is prized for its color and is also believed to have medicinal qualities in Ayurvedic medicine.  This is a specialty product, organically grown on an ashram and hand harvested, sorted and cleaned. The quality is very high.

The variety is Rubia tinctorum, which produces a redder tint than our classic Whole Madder Root which is Rubia cordifolia.  The roots were harvested this fall and are between 2 and 3 years old and yield a beautiful rich red tone. The afterbaths are also strong enough for additional dyeing to achieve reddish coral and peach tones. Compare the color, shape and size of our whole madder:  Rubia tinctorum is on the left and is a darker and redder root. Rubia cordifolia is on the right and has a more orange tone with larger, smooth-barked roots.

For best results, use at a ratio of 100% weight of fiber and save the dye bath to dye additional fibers until the dye bath is exhausted. The spent roots may be used in a traditional indigo fermentation vat.

Sold in 100 gram packages.

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Please note:  We are sorry but we cannot ship this product internationally due to restrictions on plant and seed imports in most countries.

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