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We are offering indigo Shibori scarves from Living Blue in Bangladesh.  This Fair Trade project is a wonderful example of an organization that is working to better the lives of women and men in rural Bangladesh.  Choose from four styles of bandannas or scarves, all made with local silk.  Scarves measure approximately 21×84 inches, and bandannas are a generous 27 inches square.

About Living Blue

“We started off as a governance project of CARE Bangladesh, in the northern part of Bangladesh, in 2005. Built around the idea of empowering and training women and men as natural leaders, so they can work together with the government to solve local issues.

Soon after, in 2006, there was an organic demand from the communities. The people in the villages wanted work! The Northern region of Bangladesh is a largely agrarian society with few other means of generating income. In response to the demand, Nijera Cottage and Village Industries was formed, the umbrella organization of Living Blue.

Indigo crops were identified and revived in the region. The local artisans honed their skills in quilting, or kantha stitching. In addition, the workers developed the ability to use the Japanese art of resist stitching, or shibori.  Living Blue places an emphasis on craftsmanship. They strive to continuously improve and develop our techniques.

What sets Living Blue apart, besides its high craftsmanship, is the governance structure. Since the company was born out of a governance project as a result of the organic demands of its people, most of the management and decision making also lies with the people.

Living Blue has 3000 indigo farmers and over 200 artisans and dyers as members, spread throughout hundreds of villages in northern Bangladesh.

We are the largest producer of the high quality True Bengal natural indigo in Bangladesh, proudly reviving the famous indigo from this part of Bengal. True Bengal indigo is our flagship product and quilting, shibori and dyeing are our defining skills.”

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