June 6, Cara Marie Piazza Workshop: Natural Dyeing with Flowers and Kitchen Scraps




Note: Cara and Botanical Colors are offering this class for FREE for BIPOC members of our community as our way to support the road to justice and equality.  To participate, please send an email to [email protected] for your access code, and see you in class.

Natural Dyeing with Flowers and Kitchen Scraps

June 6, 2020, 2-3:30pm Eastern

Learn the art of natural dyeing with flowers and kitchen scraps! We’ve teamed up with fabulous Brooklyn-based eco-dyer Cara Marie Piazza who is famous for creating one of a kind textiles using botanicals, plant matter and food wastes.

In this fun and relaxing online class, you will learn how to dye with healing flowers and kitchen scraps to create your own creative masterpieces on cotton and silk.

Through gently steaming petals, food wastes, and ingredients you can find in your kitchen, we will learn how to treat fabrics to be able to take natural dyes and experiment with floral dyeing techniques you can all do at home. Through only a little steam you will learn to transmute assorted flowers into beautiful patterns, on your fabric.

We will email all participants the Zoom link for the online class.

Don’t forget to catch Cara Marie on our next FEEDBACK FRIDAY on May 29th, 9am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern. RSVP here.

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Cosmic T-Shirt Kit

More about Cara Marie Piazza:

Cara Marie Piazza is a Natural Dyer and artisan working in New York City.

She creates one of a kind textiles. She only uses natural dye stuffs such as botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food wastes. Her fabrics are treated through alchemical dye sessions, ancient shibori techniques and bundle dyeing, transforming each textile into its very own story. Cara works with both designers and artists to realize their Natural dyeing needs as well as creates custom pieces for private clients.

Cara teaches workshops on natural dyeing and curates unique experiences merging healing, color and art.


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