Conjuring Color Blends With Kathy Hattori in New Hampshire!


Sign up for this class is on the Sanborn Mills Farm website.

$700, Aug 21, 2024 – August 25, 2024 (9am – 5pm)

Conjuring Color Blends With Kathy Hattori at Sanborn Mills Farm in New Hampshire is a course on how to blend colors using natural dyes in unexpected combinations to create beautiful results. The palette will be developed on natural fabrics including hemp, cotton, silk and wool, with an emphasis on cellulose fibers. We will work with natural dyes in raw, concentrated extract and liquid form, different mineral salts and indigo. Pre- and post-dips in iron, pH color changes or other substances will add a new dimension to the palette.

We will cover responsible foraging, safe use of dyes and mordants, and strategies for saving, reusing and extending the life of natural dye baths. This is an immersion dye workshop but many of these techniques may be used for painting, printing and surface design and we will review how to adapt the recipes to other practices.  Each student will take away a swatch folio of many different shades, recipes and techniques for future study and experimentation.

Skills and Techniques:

How to select and prepare fabrics
How mordants affect outcomes
How fibers affect outcomes
How to blend 2 and 3 natural dyes to create new colors
How to create a personal color palette
How to shift colors
How to get the most from the dye bath: exhaust dyeing, blending and making pigments
Keeping dye records
Materials Fee: $150-$165 Paid directly to the instructor.

Special Tools or Equipment: Comfortable clothing that can get dirty or an apron, sturdy shoes, notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes, small paintbrushes, marking pen/permanent marker for marking fabric. Optional: double sided tape, scissors, hand sewing supplies (needle, thread, thimble, pins), water bottle

Sign up for this class is on the Sanborn Mills Farm website.


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