Donation for Kibibi Ajanku’s Summer Camp




We’ve created a space for donations for our former FEEDBACK FRIDAY presenter Kibibi Ajanku and her Sankofa Dance Theater.

Kibibi wrote to us: “I usually contract a team of artists to move through a schedule of summer educational programming because the youth are our future. For 25 years, I have sent an artist team as part of the Sankofa Dance Theater to the Orchard School in East Alstead, New Hampshire to run an African village camp. I target this camp with this group because it features a tie dye component based on Yoruba tie & dye techniques.”

All donations received will be used to make that camp run this year. The week costs $5000 at full operation. It is outdoor educational programming and can be run safely while adhering to social distance guidelines.

Baltimore-based Afrofuturist Kibibi Ajanku uses her activism and art to show how the silence around slavery and African people as related to indigo and other dyes needs to be better understood. Her work with the Maryland Institute College of Art’s (MICA) natural dye projects delve into this and offer education, community and power.

Thank you in advance for your donation!




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