Dye Inks on Paper, Cloth & Fiber With Judi Pettite of BioHue, March 19-20, 2022


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Ready to learn how to create dye inks with gorgeous, saturated plant based color for use on paper, cloth and fiber.

Join Judi Pettite of BioHue for a dye ink primer using Botanical Colors extracts. We’ll go through the steps of creating vibrant, saturated color that is ready for use on plant and protein fibers including cotton, wool, and artist papers. Light and colorfastness of hues will be covered as well as proper storage for your ink.

Day one we will make good quality artist dye inks, understand the value of pH awareness, introduce record keeping and storage as well as prep for day two.

Day Two: We’ll begin application on various fibers, talk about light and color fast expectations and results.

March 19 Sat  10am-1pm PST

March 20 Sun 10am-1pm PST

Materials Botanical Colors supplies and will ship to you:
weld, logwood and madder extract
gum arabic
aluminum sulfate
aluminum potassium sulfate
pH test strips and coffee filters

Materials you gather for class
jars for mixing and containing ink
small bottle of clove essential oil (optional)
1 gallon distilled water
pen, pencil, notebook
heating source: microwave, stovetop, hotplate
stainless steel pan, glass jars, beakers or other containers
old stainless spoons
dust mask or respirator
table covering

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in


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