Individual Studio Day at Botanical Colors


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Spend one day at our fully equipped dye studio working on a project of your choice with the Botanical Colors team headed by master dyer Kathy Hattori.  The focus will be on what you would like to explore. Whether you want to develop a color palette, fine tune indigo skills, learn production dyeing techniques or try out an idea, the studio will be open for your inquiries under expert guidance. Sessions start at 10 AM and adjourn at 4 PM  and includes use of the dye studio and dyes, mordants and assists.

Details:  On receipt of your payment, we will be in contact to schedule a date for the Studio Day, discuss your project and await with great anticipation spending a special day with you.

Praise for our Studio Days

Thank you for your time and energy during my private studio day!  In one (very full and well organized!) day you gave me such a wonderful foundation in the natural dyeing process and I am so grateful for the experience.  As I move further with my dyeing, I continue to learn from our time together and there have been so many moments when I remember something you said and feel inspired and energized all over again! -VB




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Wednesday February 22 Studio Day, Thursday February 23 Studio Day, Friday February 24 Studio Day, Saturday February 25 Studio Day, Wednesday March 29 Studio Day, Thursday March 30 Studio Day, Friday March 31 Studio Day


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