CONFERENCE: Natural Dyes in Northeast America: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Directions



Botanical Colors Founder and President Kathy Hattori will be a keynote speaker at the “Natural Dyes in Northeast America: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Directions” conference hosted by The Centre for Fashion Diversity and Social Change at Ryerson University and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada from April 23-27, 2020.

Registration for the conference will open in February 2020 and there is currently a call for papers if you’d like to be part.

Keynote Speakers Kathy Hattori (Botanical Colors, USA), Rowland Ricketts (Ricketts Indigo, USA) and Dominique Cardon (CNRS, France), will dive into a number of topics ranging from necessary education to move the natural dyeing needle forward to safe, environmental practices and more. Lots to take in on the event here.

The conference was created to “promote natural dyes as a crucial response to contemporary environmental concerns, health and socio-economic disparities, and creative fields. Second, to foster new knowledge networks to support the development of the natural dye sector in Northeast America and third, to offer a space for the natural dye community to come together to explore and further develop best practices. In that regard, developing a natural dye sector involves multi-faceted, interdisciplinary challenges and opportunities.”

Learn more about the event, submit a paper and get ready for a host of outside events supporting this main conference here.



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