New Workshop: Creating Lake Pigments with Natalie Stopka


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Creating Lake Pigments with Natalie Stopka

Workshop dates: May 1 and 2, 2021

10:30am-12:30pm Pacific

This is an online workshop and will be recorded.

Natural dyes are precious and too often we wince when disposing of dye baths after our dye session is over. Sometimes we hold onto the rich liquid and wonder what to do with it. Well, fret no longer! Natural dyer Natalie Stopka is here to show us how to make vivid pigments from natural dyes and leftover dye baths in the online workshop Creating Lake Pigments with Natalie Stopka.

Lake pigments are made from natural dyes. They are a great way to use every drop of color by converting it to a shelf-stable powder. These pigments can be used for making natural artist’s materials, including paints and pastels or to dye fabric using the split lake process. Natalie will discuss the variety of ingredients that can be used in lake pigments. She will share a demonstration of dye extraction and laking. Participants will follow along at home. They can create their own natural palette with recipes inspired by 14th-18th century artisans. Our second session will detail stabilizing, storing, and potential applications for our colors.

You will receive a materials kit with the ingredients to create three different lake pigments plus auxiliaries, storage jars, filters and luxurious fabrics for future experimentation.

An equipment list of materials will also be sent after registration.  The workshop will be online with a TA and moderator for questions.

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