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PLANT TONES Fall Harvest Workshop with Sasha Duerr

Sasha Duerr returns to offer a Plant Tones Fall Harvest Workshop featuring fall colors and foraging.

PLANT TONES Fall Harvest Workshop with Sasha Duerr is a two-day online workshop. It will delve into the wonder and nature of living color “stories.” Sasha will guide students in a variety of ways to connect us both practically and poetically to plant-based color palettes. And she will use her latest book NATURAL PALETTES as inspiration.

This workshop will focus on conceptual aspects of working with plant-based hues. In addition, it will explore the basic steps of getting started with plants as ingredients for unique, personalized and vibrant color. Sasha will also highlight ways in which NATURAL PALETTES can widen our “color senses.” She shares examples of experimentation, fieldwork, plant-based research and identification, documentation, as well as regenerative tips for reuse, zero waste, and experiential meaningful practices in the process.

Besides teaching accessible step-by-step and practical ways to begin, Sasha will also share conceptual inspiration through slides and visuals. She has helpful tools, techniques and resources for creating  your own -or collective – deepened relationship with plant-based color and the awe-inspiring nuanced palettes they can create.

The workshop will culminate in sharing a wide array of  natural “color stories.” You can share your own uniquely foraged, gathered or grown plant-based palette. This palette will be created as a result of experimentation and exploration in our class with Sasha Duerr.

Did you see Sasha’s presentation on FEEDBACK FRIDAY? Watch here.


  • Class price is for one participant and one kit will be sent with registration.
  • The class will be held as a Zoom meeting with a dedicated TA to manage the chat, questions and any follow up.
  • Pre-work requirement: we will be sending you wool fabric, mordant, and auxiliaries and two natural dyes for your experiments. Sasha will instruct you to pre-mordant your fabrics to be ready for class. You will receive enough fabric to create approximately 48-60 samples.  Our class will dye 16 of these samples together, freeing you to experiment on your own time. You will also forage for seasonal and local plants, bark, cones or other materials to create palettes of your own. A full materials list will be sent to you shortly after registration.
  • This class uses wool fabrics to create our palettes. Sasha says that you can supply your own other natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, hemp, linen and will provide information on how to prepare the fibers for the class.
  • Class dates: October 2 and 3, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday).  Class times are 11-2:30 Pacific (2-5:30 Eastern) and 9-11:30 Hawaii
  • Installment payments are available.  Please contact [email protected] for information.
  • International students are welcome and we request you register by September 15 so we may ship your materials to you in time for class.


All sales are final. This workshop is non-cancellable and non-refundable. We regret that we are not able to accommodate schedule changes.

About your instructor

SASHA DUERR is an artist and designer who works with plant-based palettes, natural dyes and place-based recipes. She is an Adjunct Professor at the California College of the Arts. She holds a joint appointment in textiles and fine arts. There she designs curriculum and teaches courses in the intersection of natural color, slow food, slow fashion and social practice. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States and abroad. In 2007, Sasha founded Permacouture Institute to encourage the exploration of regenerative design practices for fashion and textiles. Her extensive work with plant-based palettes has been featured in the New York Times, American Craft Magazine, Selvedge, and the Huffington Post. She is the author of The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes (Timber Press/Workman 2011) NATURAL COLOR (Watson-Guptill/Ten Speed Press 2016) and NATURAL PALETTES (Princeton Architectural Press 2020).

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