Rust-Dyeing With Samantha Verrone, November 4-5


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November 4th-5th, 1-4pm EST, November 4th and 12-1 pm EST November 5th for Q&A

In this virtual rust dyeing workshop with Samantha Verrone, we will explore different ways of dyeing with rust. We will use foraged antiquated objects that may have sentimental value, incorporating memory and nostalgia with design, as well as liquid rust (rust liquor made in advance). Samantha will share techniques for dyeing and printing with rust on fabric and paper. We will also work with tannin-rich plant dyes to see how their introduction furthers the tension between permanence and ephemera. Tannin rich plants have their own alchemy with rust, creating unique colors and patterns.  We will use a couple of other color modifiers as well to deepen our exploration.

Take advantage of this opportunity to consider making a runner for your holiday table (or gift your favorite hostess!)

Rust (corrosion of metal from exposure to air and moisture) is simply astonishing. Its presence suggests neglect and stagnation, but as a dyestuff it is fascinating. It exemplifies the tension between permanence and ephemera. It is lightfast and washable, and it is decay itself.  It’s a humble element that creates unconventional beauty. It is a sustainable dyestuff that can be used again and again and requires less water than conventional dyeing.

Learn more about Samantha Verrone here.

Watch Samantha’s presentation on FEEDBACK FRIDAY here.

Pre-workshop prep:

Forage/collect your own rusty elements

Create a mason jar of rust liquor 1-2 weeks in advance (1:1 water/white vinegar with a few small rusty pieces – nails, washers, screws, etc.)

**Make sure your tetanus shot is up to date


Protective covering for your work surface – drop cloth


Spray bottle

Fabric and paper to dye – rust will make a mark on anything – vintage fabrics, natural or synthetic, a variety of cloth sample fabrics

Rusty items (nails, tools, old hardware, steel wool)



String or rubber bands

White vinegar

Baking soda

Table salt

A cup of Black Tea (leave the bag in)

Plastic bags (preferably recycled) and/or a tub with lid

From Botanical Colors:

Citric acid




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