Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: (Alumnae) Brece Honeycutt + Anita Cazzola Talk Waste

Last time on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed back FEEDBACK FRIDAY alumnae Brece Honeycutt and Anita Cazzola. The two engaged in a conversation about waste: wasted color, waste as invasive, waste as wasted time to not stop and smell the flowers, color under our feet people see as waste (the dandelion?!), color in sad places people see as waste… With Brece recently home from a month-long residency at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library (see in her bio below), and Anita in the middle of doing a residency at the New Brunswick College for Craft and Design, we got to experience a … Read more

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: The Botanical Reclamation Project

Today, June 18th, we had such a special FEEDBACK FRIDAY treat with Guelph, Ontario based artist Anita Cazzola. Anita not only played banjo and sang our FEEDBACK FRIDAY theme song with her partner Sam, we got to hear her talk about her Botanical Reclamation project. Anita just launched her project which celebrates the resiliency of wild plants through naturally dyed textiles. The project also offers the community a chance to learn about local plant life, and the natural dye process through self-guided walks, weekly scavenger hunts, project livestreams, workshops, question and answer sessions, and artist talks with the help of … Read more