Botanical Colors Natural Dye Glossary

There are so many terms and techniques in the natural dye space that we decided to create a natural dye glossary for you! Unless you work in a natural dye house full-time or have been doing dyeing since time immemorial, you’re not apt to know everything. We created this glossary of terms so that you can look like a plant dye master and a natural dyeing pro. Well, at least you’ll sound like it. Check out the terms below and shoot us an email if you think we left something out and need to add it! Natural Dye Glossary Alkaline: … Read more

Colorant’s Sonia Tay Gets Natural Dye Inspiration in Marrakesh

Sonia Tay, the designer behind Colorant traveled to Morocco last April which inspired her current collection dyed with natural dyes that Botanical Colors was proud to be part of. Each of her collections is manufactured and dyed here in the U.S. Tay is an American fashion designer, a native New Yorker who graduated from Parsons School of Design and studied at Parsons Paris in the interim where she furthered her studies of Art History and Costume Design. It was here she was able to focus on her love of fabrics and color history, traveling through Europe, stopping in fashion capitals … Read more