• FEEDBACK FRIDAY: This Week in Natural Dye Questions

    Image: Cara Marie Piazza, Calyx Each week, we are emailed with questions from our natural dye community asking simple and complex questions that we thought might be worth sharing. Here are a handful from this week answered by natural dyer in chief, Kathy Hattori, Founder of Botanical Colors: I keep reading about people dyeing their [...] Continue Reading
  • EILEEN FISHER & Botanical Colors Launch Botanical Collection

    We are so excited to announce our Botanicals Collection with EILEEN FISHER! Check out our indigo, madder root, and ground pomegranate peel on EILEEN FISHER’s organic handkerchief linen here. “Embracing natural dyes means embracing nature-from its unique colorations to all its perfect imperfections. It’s really thrilling to see EILEEN FISHER surge ahead with a beautiful […]

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  • Earth Day With Green Eileen!

    We had a blast with the Green Eileen team on Earth Day at the Green Eileen shop in Seattle. The store hosted a cocktail party and featured gently worn EILEEN FISHER clothing for sale overdyed with Botanical Colors dyes. Indigo, pomegranate and madder were just a few of the colors used. Check out the party […]

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  • EILEEN FISHER Learning Lab Event With Botanical Colors Indigo!

    Shibori is a centuries-old Japanese method of dyeing cloth by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, and compressing. In this workshop featuring all Botanical Colors indigo dyes, participants will learn these basic techniques through demonstration and hands-on application. Utilizing recycled and reclaimed materials, participants will apply these decorative techniques to create their own unique piece. Tuition is […]

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  • Social Change Through Indigo, Shibori and EILEEN FISHER

    This past weekend we had the pleasure of collaborating with EILEEN FISHER’S GREEN EILEEN team at a workshop in Seattle at the Hillman City Collaboratory. The Collaboratory is a center for the arts and an incubator for social change with a mission to create a space of transformation including the built environment and the programming […]

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  • EILEEN FISHER’s GREEN EILEEN Turns to Natural Dyes (That Means Us!)

    GREEN EILEEN is an initiative of the EILEEN FISHER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that supports systematic changes that positively impact women and girls around the world. The branch is a recycled clothing program that extends the life of timeless EILEEN FISHER garments which are re-sold at both the Seattle and Irvington, New York GREEN […]

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