This week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed Maida Branch, founder and director of MAIDA, a collective that supports the growth of Indigenous artists and preservation of their homelands through sustainable business practices. Watch the recording here. Shop & Support: THE MARTÍNEZ MARTINEZ BLANKETS / SHED MERCADO SHED-PROJECT/PARCIANTE MAIDAGOODS.COM SHED-PROJECT.COM About Maida: Maida Branch was born and raised in New Mexico and is of Pueblo, Ute, Genízara descent (Dilia & Mora, New Mexico) – her family has been living on Pueblo Territory since time immemorial. Inspired by her family and the land from which they came, she founded MAIDA in 2017 – … Read more

New Mexico Workshop: Natural Dyeing in Albuquerque

Join us in Albuquerque at Village Wools for a Natural Dye Workshop April 24-25, 2015. Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild was formed in 1971 by a group of spinners and weavers in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area to provide education and learning experiences for its members and increase the awareness of and appreciation for fiber arts throughout New Mexico and beyond.   For more info and to RSVP, go here.