Your Go-To Denim Jeans Love Indigo

This series on Denimhunters by is really good and if you’ve ever wondered how your go-to denim jeans are made, this is place to go. Of course we love part three on indigo dyeing and all the complexities of natural vs. synthetic when it comes to scaling production.

Bojer writes: “Indigo is the blue in blue jeans. The dyestuff has been popular around the world for several millennia. It’s been the colour of royals, which made it desirable for the proletariat. It’s one of the most colorfast natural dyes. And it remains beautiful as it fades to a myriad of bright, blue hues.

While most other colors become dull with wash and wear, that’s when indigo truly comes to life. This is without a doubt the most important reason why we continue to wear indigo-dyed garments today. With denim jeans being the most popular indigo-dyed garment, my five-episode series about how denim is made naturally discusses indigo dyeing…”

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