The Balkan Collection

We are pleased to bring you a collection of handloomed, vintage textiles woven over 50 years ago in the Balkans. The predominant fiber is hemp, farmed in villages all over the Balkans and processed by hand. Each fabric has its own story about traditional life in rural settings.

In many Balkan villages, it was commonplace for households to cultivate their own hemp crop. These harvests would produce enough fiber for the year and the woven goods created were typically long lengths of narrow fabric for clothing, bedding, sacks, and towels.

Our selection includes finely woven hand towel blanks with and without hanging loops, thick and sturdy grainsack fabrics as well as beautiful pattern weaves that echo the hand and luster of linen. In many cases hemp fibers are combined with cotton yarns for softness and flexibility. Choose among these unique vintage textiles for your next projects.

Rolls of different fabrics piled up on a wooden table

Shop yardage and towels

Each of these fabrics is available by the yard (or by the towel) and show the incredible variety of village textiles from fine hemp-cotton yardage to sturdy grain sacks. The fabric widths will vary and details are noted in each product page.