Natural Dye Production

If you are a designer or brand looking for natural dye solutions, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

We specialize in natural dyes derived from plants, roots, bark and other natural materials that are GOTS (organically) certified. We provide garment and short length piece dyeing scalable from small to high volume runs. The colors are earthy, brilliant, and non-toxic and meet standard light and wash tests.

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom natural dye production in scalable volumes and multiple formats including skein, garment and short length fabric dyeing
  • 150 piece minimum to 2500+
  • 50 piece minimum per color
  • Custom dye patterning, shibori, tie dye and special effects
  • Color development to match to your standard
  • Prototypes and samples
  • Natural, organic, plant-based indigo dipping

Please note that natural dyes work best with natural fibers and not on synthetic or technical fabrics.

Our customer base includes Converse, Eileen Fisher, Kata Golda, Madewell, Older Brother and many other brands.

Please follow the link below or contact Amy at [email protected] with any questions.

Sample Colors

Please note: Colors below are representative and results will vary on different fabrics. Once we discuss your project with you, we will be able to focus on specific dyes and color results.