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kathy hattori

Kathy checks out the flower garden at Jubilee Farm, Carnation, Washington

The way that conventional color is applied to clothes is broken. “Wet processing” as industrial dyeing is called, is one of the top polluters in the world, consuming enormous amounts of energy, water and petrochemical based colorants.

We’re here to offer a solution. Botanical Colors supplies artisans and industry with the materials and know-how to dye textiles in a way that uses less water, is non-toxic and biodegradeable and draws its incomparable color palette from humble plants and natural sources. All colors are sustainably derived, many from agricultural and food waste products.

Along with our beautiful natural dyes, we fully support the reshoring movement to bring textile jobs back to the U.S. The wonderful thing about working with U.S. manufacturing is American know-how, scalability from sample runs through large volume production, quick turnarounds and American jobs.

Our studios are in Seattle, Washington where we offer production dyeing and do fulfillment. We also partner with other dye studios worldwide offering consulting.

We offer guidance, support and consulting for emerging designers, brands and artisans. Send an email to Amy at [email protected] to get the conversation going and  start living your dream of using beautiful, sustainable and ethically produced fashions, yarns and fabrics.

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  • interfibers

    Is it possible to dye cotton or abaca paper with cochineal insects? I teach a paper making class and would like to use cochineal dye instead of pigments. We would be adding wet paper pulp to the mordant bath and dye bath. Thank you, Wendy

  • Rachel Sidles

    Dear Kathy and Amy,
    What a powerful and elegant organization you have built to change the world for the better in so many ways. Thank you for your inspiring actions to create beautiful color for the world, provide amazing opportunities, and promote such ecological and sustainable practices. I’ve always wanted to take your workshops, but I’m at home with two young children so I’ve had my hands full. Feedback Friday’s have been SO great for me, I watched each episode with gusto and inspiration- thank you for this gift that has really fed my spirit. I look forward to taking Aboubakar’s mud cloth workshop soon and truly can’t wait, what an amazing opportunity! I look forward to learning so much more from both of you and your team.
    Your friend in color,

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