What We Do

Botanical Colors offers natural dyes and education to textile and fiber arts artisans around the world. We support regional farmers, organic farming, regenerative soil and are forever excited creating new plant-based colors out of our Seattle-based studio.

Seattle-based Botanical Colors was founded in 2010 by Kathy Hattori. Botanical Colors supplies natural dyes to artisans, dye houses and industrial clients seeking the beauty and environmental and social benefits a natural color palette offers. In addition, we offer classes and educational materials to teach natural dyeing to a broad audience.

We also offer consulting packages for production dyeing, as well as marketing and navigating the landscape of the natural dye and fashion industry. Inquire about our consulting services here. 

Along with our wide assortment of organic, GOTS certified and food waste dyes sourced from all over the world, we also continue to support a network of regenerative farmers here in the United States.

Our Team

Kathy Hattori, President

Kathy Hattori is a recognized authority on natural dyes, pigments, and commercial applications of natural dyes and has worked in the field since 2003. She developed numerous commercial processes using natural dye extracts in the industrial textile environment. She consults and advises brands and retailers on their natural dye implementation strategies and has worked with the largest natural dye houses in the US. 

Her experience includes creating a natural dye program for the largest organically certified tannery in Europe, presenting papers at international textile conferences and supporting clients such as Eileen Fisher and other sustainable brands. Kathy teaches and lectures about natural dyes and is sought after as a speaker about the status of natural dyes in global textile production.

Kathy Hattori holding a bowl with dye and smiling

I founded Botanical Colors in 2010 because I wanted to change the textile industry by offering a safe alternative to petrochemical based synthetic colors. My solution was natural dyes: colors that were beautiful, regenerative and non-toxic. My journey took me around the world helping dye houses, brands and non-profits create colors from local sources or time honored traditional colors. Along the way, we built an amazing community of makers, scientists, artists, historians and activists eager to share their work and support, and I am grateful for their commitment and support.

Kathy Hattori
Amy DuFault, Director of Communications & Partnerships

Amy DuFault is a seasoned sustainable fashion journalist who has been writing about supply chains for the past 15 years in outlets ranging from The Guardian to Fashionista and Taproot Magazine. In addition to being a consultant on regenerative textile systems, she runs the Southeastern New England Fibershed.

Kentaro Kojima, Lead Dyer

Kentaro was born and raised in Guatemala and was exposed to natural dyes and weaving from an early age. His mother was a weaver and his father was an on-the-ground researcher with a focus on Mesoamerican dyes. Kentaro is a stone sculptor by training and has recently been drawn to gathering and harvesting plants for dyeing.

Sienna Lomuto, Business Analyst

Sienna is a natural dye lover who shares Botanical Colors’ passion for sustainability.

Steven Lundholm, Packaging and Warehouse Lead

Steven moved to Seattle 13 years ago and hasn’t looked back. When he is not busy fulfilling customer orders in our warehouse, he enjoys running and hiking all over the Puget Sound region, and growing Pacific Northwest native trees and plants.

Lisa Mothersbaugh, Project Manager

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lisa is a jack-of-all-trades at Botanical Colors, assisting with everything from orders and product rollout to workshops and dyehouse production. With a background in art, art history and museums, she enjoys the multidisciplinary process of not only creating but also learning the history of textiles.

Kate Rosendale, Studio Assistant

Kate is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a background in exhibit design and user experience. When she’s not working with natural dyes or painting the postcards for Botanical Colors, she is working with museums and other clients, enjoying the hiking trails around the Pacific Northwest or playing with her dog.

Our Brand Ambassador

Cara Marie Piazza

Cara Marie Piazza is a natural dyer and artisan working in New York City.

She creates one of a kind textiles only using natural dye stuffs such as botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food waste. She treats her fabrics through alchemical dye sessions, ancient shibori techniques and bundle dyeing, transforming each textile into its very own story. She works with both designers and artists to realize their natural dyeing needs as well as creates custom pieces for private clients.

Cara teaches workshops on natural dyeing and curates unique experiences merging healing, color and art.

We are thrilled to have Cara Marie Piazza work with us. We’ve been fans of her style for years and are excited to partner with her on workshops, events, and social media to teach her innovative natural dyeing methods to more and more people.

Kathy Hattori

We offer guidance, support and consulting for emerging designers, brands and artisans. Send an email to Amy at [email protected] or [email protected] to get the conversation going and start living your dream of using beautiful, sustainable and ethically produced fashions, yarns and fabrics.

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  1. Is it possible to dye cotton or abaca paper with cochineal insects? I teach a paper making class and would like to use cochineal dye instead of pigments. We would be adding wet paper pulp to the mordant bath and dye bath. Thank you, Wendy

  2. Dear Kathy and Amy,
    What a powerful and elegant organization you have built to change the world for the better in so many ways. Thank you for your inspiring actions to create beautiful color for the world, provide amazing opportunities, and promote such ecological and sustainable practices. I’ve always wanted to take your workshops, but I’m at home with two young children so I’ve had my hands full. Feedback Friday’s have been SO great for me, I watched each episode with gusto and inspiration- thank you for this gift that has really fed my spirit. I look forward to taking Aboubakar’s mud cloth workshop soon and truly can’t wait, what an amazing opportunity! I look forward to learning so much more from both of you and your team.
    Your friend in color,

  3. Hello, I live in willamette valley Ore and raise finewool Merino Sheep. I sell fleeces raw and milled yarn. I have a
    Love of plant dyes and have started a garden of dye materials, as well as eucalyptus and mullbery trees.Love the website and hope to attend some classes
    Sometime. Can’t wait to try cold mordanting! Vicki /Crabtree Farm

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