Do You Know How To Mordant Cotton Like a Pro? Amy Doesn’t.

Ok, Amy here and I just got back from a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I always take Botanical Colors’ Wool Gauze with me when I travel to sample local plants and see what kind of color is all around me.
This time I brought the wool gauze and mordanted 10 organic cotton bandannas. The wool gauze was amazing and soaked in color like a champ but the bandannas? They laughed at me every time I tried to add color.
I actually called Kathy in the middle of the vacation to say “what the heck am I doing wrong???”
She said, “Amy, did you use any tannin as a pre-treat or calcium carbonate or wheat bran as a post bath with the aluminum acetate?”
“No. Just the aluminum acetate.”
“Well for better results, try aluminum acetate with a post-bath of calcium carbonate or wheat bran. Aluminum acetate needs one additional process in order to be more available to the dye. If you want to increase lightfastness, then a tannin pre-treatment will help.”
I’m not a perfectionist but I also don’t want to waste time staring into a pan from the local Savers at cotton that has no teeth to bite down on the color.
So yes, next time I will do the Kathy Hattori method. Maybe you already do…show off.

Avoid my mistakes and channel Kathy Hattori here.

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