EILEEN FISHER’s GREEN EILEEN Turns to Natural Dyes (That Means Us!)

eileen fisher

GREEN EILEEN is an initiative of the EILEEN FISHER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that supports systematic changes that positively impact women and girls around the world. The branch is a recycled clothing program that extends the life of timeless EILEEN FISHER garments which are re-sold at both the Seattle and Irvington, New York GREEN EILEEN stores and all money made goes to support the non-profit programs in which the company strongly believes in.

Enter Botanical Colors.

green eileen kerri

Kerri Ulloa of Seattle’s GREEN EILEEN holding an EILEEN FISHER tank top dyed using Botanical Colors’ very own Indigo

While GREEN EILEEN is re-imagining the way we think about our clothes, the initiative gives clothing a second (or third!) life. Sometimes this clothing comes back with a tiny stain that couldn’t get out. The GREEN EILEEN team thought why not try something unique to hide the stain and asked Kathy if she’d be interested in dyeing those pieces. We jumped at the chance and are working on a long-term relationship with the company now using all our beautiful, natural dyes.


Botanical Colors dyed EILEEN FISHER tank top

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration.