Food as a Medium: Pigments and Dyes Made from Edibles

Design Milk writers from Pinch Food Design Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard recently had a great post on natural dyes made from edibles that we were swooning over.

natural dyes

They write:

“Food as a medium is not a new concept, but a revisited one. Many trades, especially textile designers are finding crossover with food while developing their pieces. What’s interesting to us is some of their application methods when it comes to natural dyes.

Never thought I would be nostalgic for tie-dye, however after a brief holiday in the hippie hills of Southern Turkey, I’ve found myself lured by these chaotic swirls of color once again. But this time, as a food designer, I am drawn to the muted tones of pigments and dyes made from spices, vegetables, and other edibles.

Here are examples of the rainbow of tones achievable from teas and coffee, and even onions.”

See all the amazing examples they give over on Design Milk.