Malvar=Stewart Fuses Natural Dyes with Local Sound

celeste malvar stewart

Celeste Malvar-Stewart recently wrote to us: “I have to share this image with you because I am so excited to be able to use the dyestuff I’ve gotten from you for my special collection! I am collaborating with a local musician here in Columbus on the Local Sound Project…my eco couture collection of 8 hand felted and naturally dyed (all with your dyes) pieces that translate the musician’s sound waves from his 8 songs onto each piece. His music incorporates sounds from around the city and local vocalists our runway show at the Fashion Meets Music Festival will feature the pieces while Benji plays the music!”


Celeste used iron for the greys, madder for the browns, and then the sound waves are laser burned down the middle.

Local Sound is a collection created in collaboration with Benji Robinson of Reptile Fiction, a local artist that is inspired from 1980s music, pop-culture, and video games to create music.  Benji is currently creating an album of 8 songs embodying sounds from around the city of Columbus, which M=S is translating onto 8 couture pieces.  The Local Sound Project will be showcased and played at the Fashion Meets Music Festival on Sept 5, 2015.

To see Celeste’s progress with this collection, please check her blog.