Our Plastic Packaging Journey

Botanical Colors has been on a mission to eliminate our single-use plastic packaging. But this has not been an easy journey. Our quest has been fraught with false starts and setbacks and claims that haven’t been exactly true. The hardest part is that as a small company there are some options that are out of our reach.

It all started with the basics: what were our options instead of single-use plastic? Could we eliminate 100% of our single use plastic packaging?  Does the technology even work with our water-phobic powders?

We spoke with eco-conscious packaging companies from Seattle to Israel, learning about the advances and limitations in bio-degradable and compostable packing.  It was overwhelming and more information brought more uncertainty. If we purchased a large enough quantity of eco-bags, would they degrade before we had a chance to use them all? If we chose compostable bags, would they only decompose in a commercial composter? Would they even break down in a recycling bin, a landfill, or the ocean?

This seemed a larger problem to solve than we anticipated. It’s not as simple as a commitment to eliminating single-use plastic. We had to accept that this changeover must be a gradual one.

So we are very proud to announce that we are now packaging our dyes in compostable bags. Some of the larger sizes (like 500 and 1000 grams) will stay in plastic until we find an alternative. But it feels good to know that this is a start, and it can only get better.

Our thanks to you for your interest in us and our efforts. We strive to protect air, water and soil every day and are grateful for your support.

Image: Story of Stuff