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Stitched Shibori by Jane Callender contains all the information a beginner will need to get started. It includes tips on dyeing in small spaces and a guide to all the necessary health and safety considerations. It is also packed with innovative techniques and inspiring designs that will appeal to the experienced textile artist.

Written by eminent shibori artist and expert shibori teacher Jane Callender, this beautiful, practical book is packed with both traditional and inventive stitch-resist techniques, a complete dyeing guide and an inspirational gallery of Jane’s work.

The book is broken into three sections. The first shows you all the key stitch-resist techniques you need. From the basics right through to creating intricate designs and all are clearly explained with photography and illustrations. Learn how to create a range of different shibori styles, oversew, make circles and other shapes, use grids, double needles, stencils and caps, bind fabrics, work with machine stitch, use fabric buffers and incorporate appliqué.

The second section shows you how to use motifs to create pattern. Learn how to create and position designs, including traditional arrangements such as Karamatsu and Tatewaku. Create composite designs and get tips on how to plan your own patterns.

Finally, the book contains a complete guide to dyeing with recipes, tips and advice so that you can get the very best from every dye bath you make. Learn how to dye with both natural and synthetic indigo, in organic and synthetic vats. Also choose from a wide range of natural dyes, iron rust and dazzling Procion dyes. Those can be used in combination or alone for amazing effects.

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