Himalayan Rhubarb Extract Powder



Himalayan rhubarb extract is a traditional natural dye from the Himalayan mountains between India and Bhutan. The plant grows in altitudes from 3-5000 meters. It yields a deep golden yellow color from its rhizomes with an alum mordant. Shifts in pH will create more yellow or nearly brick red colors.

100g of Himalayan rhubarb extract will dye approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of fiber. For detailed instructions on how to use it, please see our page on natural dye extracts. Himalayan Rhubarb seems to work best on wool fibers. But we have seen it look pretty glorious on plant-based fibers like cotton, linen and hemp as well. The dye is aromatic and earthy smelling and makes a wonderful bright olive green when combined with Saxon Blue in the dye pot.

Himalayan Rhubarb extract makes a wonderful bright olive green when combined with Saxon Blue in the dye pot. Use it at 1-10% on the weight of the fiber and shift its pH with cream of tartar or soda ash.

Use an alum or symplocos mordant for yellow shades. An iron mordant will create olive greens and an alum mordant with an iron post bath will create deep blackened olive shades. The strained materials may be used in eco printing or bundle dyeing and the dye bath may be reused for lighter shades with additional mordanted fibers.

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