Coreopsis Flowers




Coreopsis Flowers

Dyer’s Coreopsis flowers (Coreopsis tinctoria) is a North American native plant, found wild in the Great Plains and Central US but now naturalized throughout the US and Canada.  It is an easy to grow annual dye flower and was also used in herbal medicine to help with digestive upsets and other ailments.  Coreopsis is also called golden tickseed and calliopsis.

We like to use the flowers to dye a pretty shade of bronzy orange, and it also yields a more reddish shade with a pinch of soda ash added to the bath.

Coreopsis dyes protein fibers best and yields lighter shades on cellulose fibers.  We are very pleased to offer freshly harvested flowers from a local organic grower in Washington.

Sold in packages of 50 grams.

Please note:  We are sorry but we cannot ship this product internationally due to import restrictions on plants and seeds in most countries.

More on the history of coreopsis from Dave’s Garden:

“Native Americans boiled the flowers to make a type of beverage, the roots were steeped into a tea that eased the symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal discomforts. Folklore indicates that the tea was also supposed to protect the drinker from being hit by lightning. Early settlers also believed that stuffing their mattresses with the dried plants, it would repel bedbugs. The Zunni women believed that if they wanted a daughter, the tea would help conceive one as well. However, all of these uses were secondary to its main purpose. This sunny little flower produced a lovely yellow or red dye.”


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