Summer 2022 Harvest is In! Organically Grown Sulfur Cosmos Flowers


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Sulfur cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus) is a member of the cosmos family and a real treat to have in the natural dye garden. This is another New World native, indigenous to Mexico and Central America. The vigorous annual readily self-seeds, attracts pollinators and yields masses of bright orange flowers that may be used fresh or dried.

We only get these sweet flowers once a year; this harvest is from our friends at Blue Light Junction in Baltimore. Blue Light Junction is an alternative color lab, natural dye garden & educational facility focusing on growing, processing and preserving the history of natural dyes and their enhancements and use in everyday objects. Their goal is to make Baltimore a major natural dye growing and processing hub and we are all for it!

Add the flowers directly into the dye bath and watch as they make a wonderful, sunny orange shade that brightens the winter palette, or scatter them for eco-printing. If you are familiar with dyeing with coreopsis, sulfur cosmos makes a brighter shade with an alum mordant. It creates a saturated and brilliant rich orange shade on wool and will yield other orange and rust shades with other fibers.

Each bag is approx. 35 grams and will dye 70 to 160 grams of fiber a lovely orange shade. This dye flower is also good for bundle dyeing. Used dye baths will continue to yield color and make a lovely lake pigment when you are done dyeing! For more details, please see our how to page.

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