Handwoven Hemp- Cotton Yardage


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These towels are handwoven in rural Romanian villages from locally grown, processed and spun hemp.

Hemp is the ancient “new” wonder fiber, and rightly so: hemp production is now legal in the United States. This is a huge win to create a more sustainable fiber source.  Hemp is considered among the first agricultural crops as traces of it have been found and dated to 8000 BCE in China and Taiwan.  The plant uses minimal water, is pest-resistant, and fast-growing. It is a nitrogen-fixing plant with a deep tap root that helps enrich and condition the soil.  At harvest time, hemp stalks are cut, bundled and dried. The tough outer cortex is removed through a natural process called retting to break down the outside of the stalk.  Finally the fine inner fibers are collected, scoured, washed and sun bleached, and then spun into yarn.

Hemp possesses great strength, softness and durability while its weight and drape are similar to linen and the fabric softens with age and use. Of course, it dyes beautifully.

Choose 1 yard increments and the fabric is 20 inches wide.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in


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