Rustic Vintage Hemp Throws


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We uncovered a collection of handmade hemp throws from the early 20th century that speak to everyday and honest cloth from another time and place.

These were most likely blankets or bed covers for rural households and are heavy, textured and incredibly durable. Each is a coarsely woven, sturdy and simple plain weave with hand-spun hemp yarns from the family hemp plot. Like many traditional textiles, the panels are joined to create a larger piece with careful hand stitching and hemming. Most of these have three seamed sections and are approximately 54″ wide x 75″ long. Please note each piece ranges in size and the actual dimensions may vary slightly. The color is a beautiful natural unbleached wheat-colored shade and with careful examination, you might see bits of hemp stalks in the fabric.

Some of these appear to have never been used. These are heavy pieces with the characteristic drape and suppleness of antique hemp and have withstood time beautifully. Some even have charming embroidery on them, or an odd pick of a bright red stripe that was the mark of the weaver who created these quietly humble textiles.

The throws have been professionally laundered and will get softer and softer with age.

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