Studio Time with Brooklyn’s Dogwood Dyer

Studio time is always inspiring and we were more than happy to welcome Liz Spencer of The Dogwood Dyer from Brooklyn a few weeks ago.

Liz creates hand made accessories and garments from ethically sourced fibers and dyestuffs from the country and along roadsides surrounding New York City. She also grows some of her dyes in her urban Brooklyn street-side planters completely free of chemicals.

liz spencer1

Cataloging madder in the studio

To reduce the impact of the water intensive dyeing process, 80% of her dye water is recycled back into her garden and she uses fibers like alpaca, mohair and Cormo wool from local Northeast farms & mills to “contribute to the flourishing of other sustainable American small businesses.”

We not only loved our time with Liz, but we love her detailed cataloging of dyes and materials.

Do you keep a dye book? You should!

Get inspired and see some of what Liz is doing as she pioneers her own dye education.

liz spencer2

liz spencer 9

liz spencer3

liz spencer5

Liz Spencer 8

liz spencer6