Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Water, Sediment & Color With Minnesota Fiber Artist Moira Bateman

For our first FEEDBACK FRIDAY of 2023, we welcomed Minneapolis-based fiber and textile artist, Moira Bateman. Moira guided us through a beautiful presentation of her work and a deep look at water, sediment and color. Watch the recording here. Support our time creating FEEDBACK FRIDAY with a donation. Follow Moira here: Website Instagram Ecoartspace article Her exhibits that launch on January 5th and another on January 17th Artist’s Biography: Moira Bateman creates assemblages from waxed silk, dyed with tannins and waterway sediments. Her chosen fabrics are soaked for days, months, and even years in the waters, mud, and sediments of … Read more

How ‘Pantone’ Became The Definitive Language Of Color

Fast Co.Design writes: “Back in the early 1960s, Pantone was a printing company in Carlstadt, New Jersey, with a specialty in color charts for the cosmetic, fashion, and medical industries. Lawrence Herbert joined the company in 1956 and noticed how difficult it was for designers, ad agencies, and printers to communicate—identifying exact colors from names alone is tough. For example, there are red-based purples and blue-based purples, warm and cool shades, lighter and darker tones. Mistakes happened, there were tons of inefficiencies due to reprints, and Herbert knew there had to be a better way to do things. He bought … Read more

2012: The Year of More Color

How is it that we can look at a washing machine that is Harvest Gold and instantly date it to the 70’s?  Or say “Santa Fe colors” and know that we’re speaking of a greenish teal, terra cotta, sage green and mauve?  The answer is color forecasting.  Each year a number of color experts meet (there are many forecasting organizations) and discuss the direction that colors are taking based on their observations of popular culture, political and economic climates and emerging trends. Out of these meetings come color forecasts which help guide colors for interiors, consumer goods, fashion and cosmetics.   … Read more