VIDEO: An Exploration of Place and Natural Dyes, Cordova Alaska

Paul Gaugin was once quoted as saying “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” It’s true. Those who stop to marvel at the color all around them easily see the mysteries- looking deeply into the crashing roll of a wave, the veins on a leaf, the back of a beetle tooling slowly across the yard…nature is always busy showing off. As a sustainable fashion writer and lover of natural dyes (thanks in big part to Botanical Colors), I too am in awe of how natural dyes latch on to fiber and never tire of seeing something … Read more

Join Us! Week-Long Fiber Retreat and Festival in Cordova, Alaska

We’ll be one of the 10 instructors at this amazing week-long fiber retreat and festival June 24th to July 3rd, put on by the fabulous Dotty Widmann and The Net Loft in Cordova, Alaska called the Cordova Gansey Project. Join us as we journey outdoors to harvest and dye with a variety of local plants in and around Cordova and discover what colors they produce. The class, “The Colors of Cordova-Harvesting natural Dyes for Wool and Fibers,” include searching windfall, common flowers, ferns and cones – the list goes on! Responsible gathering will be discussed and encouraged. In addition, we … Read more