Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: María-Elena Pombo of Fragmentario

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had María-Elena Pombo of Fragmentario. Continuing on with our Earth Month series, María-Elena focused on using materials that are a byproduct of the food industry to prevent them going to landfill, but also as a strategy to promote non-extractivist and decolonial futures. Likewise, promoting using free materials and finally centering plants people have a connection with. María-Elena Pombo was born in Caracas and lives in New York City since 2011. She works through open-ended research projects that are normally translated into installations, objects, sculptures, and videos. Watch the recording here. If you love FEEDBACK … Read more

Botanical Bundle Dyeing Kit

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Cara Marie Piazza

This week, we’ve got video from our live FEEDBACK FRIDAY featuring natural dyer and artist Cara Marie Piazza. Cara took us through her process foraging for and utilizing flower and food waste in Brooklyn. We also just opened up registration for two online classes with Cara Marie Piazza taking place June 6th and June 27th that you won’t want to miss. Watch the recording here: During this FEEDBACK FRIDAY, Cara discussed transforming avocado pits and peels, edible flowers, onion skins, nut shells, and other dye stuffs into dyes. We’ll also talk about how to set up your own home dye … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Natural Dyeing With Food Waste

Image: Vogue This Thanksgiving Day, why not do what you love and natural dye with food waste while you cook up your mid-day feast? According to Vogue, “With so many color-rich foods on most Thanksgiving menus, decided to get a lesson in natural food coloring, and create a set of eco-chic napkins that can be made in tandem with the holiday meal. As it turns out, the palette procured from turkey-day cuisine is very seventies: Cranberries produce a range of colors from poppy to dusty rose, onion skins tone silk lime and ochre, beet stalks boil into muted moss, … Read more