VIDEO From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Jason Logan of Toronto Ink Company

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had Jason Logan, Founder of The Toronto Ink Company. Jason looked at the many layers of meaning that ink can be and how that definition relates to the larger world of natural color and finding color in unlikely places. He also talked about working in, and with, and as a part of nature as an urban color forager. We also got to see some great sneak peeks of a film he is working on. Watch the recording below. Jason says: “Most importantly, this hour aims to embrace the opportunity to get a bunch of … Read more

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Wild Pigment Project

This week, we’ve got video from our live FEEDBACK FRIDAY featuring Wild Pigment Project. Here’s the Zoom recording: Wild Pigment Project supports the global art community to use pigments that reflect values of racial, economic, and ecological equity for all, by fostering a network of artists, foragers, designers, craftspersons, scientists, farmers, researchers, ecologists and others passionate about wild pigments.  The project aspires to provide generous resources to facilitate learning about land stewardship through ethically gathered botanical, mineral and waste-stream-derived materials used to make paint, ink and dye. Head to Wild Pigment Project and enjoy Tilke’s site for so many resources … Read more