Sunday Visit: Exploring the ‘Betweenness’ Of Natural Dyes & Art With Megumi Shauna Arai

Megumi Shauna Arai is an artist based in New York City. Her practice is inspired by abstraction, craft, and the experience of betweenness with a particular interest in literal and metaphorical borders and the notion of belonging. She is represented by gallery Object & Thing, a space created by Abby Bangser as an exhibition in New York City that reimagined the art and design fair concept. It has since evolved into an itinerant exhibition program collaboratively organizing site-specific exhibitions within iconic 20th century artists’ and architects’ homes. Megumi is one of a group of artists “whose practices go beyond the … Read more

Gearing Up to Sew Some Seeds at the Textile Arts Center

Last night we had a lot of fun at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan. As you might have seen here and there on social media, we are the natural dye sponsor for the upcoming Sewing Seeds fundraiser. If you are in New York City and can attend, this is going to be a great event not just in terms of the most amazing naturally dyed textile installation “Tumbleweed Colony” from Lost in Fiber’s Abigail Doan, but a wonderful event to meet friends old and new. To purchase tickets for the event at the Textile Arts Center, go here and … Read more