Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Farm & Folk

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we welcomed Sara Buscaglia of Farm & Folk. Sara is an organic farmer, natural dyer and textile artist residing in the high desert of southwest Colorado. Her inspiration is found in the paradigm shifting slow processes of tending soil, seeds, and plants. Through her experience of being directly connected to food, natural color and fiber she has gained an understanding and appreciation of their true value. Her naturally dyed quilts are an embodiment of that. Watch the recording here. Shop Sara’s new book here! Support our time creating FEEDBACK FRIDAY with a donation. Farm & … Read more

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Dogwood Dyer

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Liz Spencer also known as The Dogwood Dyer. As a mother to three young children, Liz talked about the evolution and adaptation of her natural dye practice, her insatiable thirst for a deeper understanding of natural dyes and the fine balance of caring for others while carving out time to continue on the endless path of natural dye learning. Watch the video below. Liz is an artist, maker, natural dyer, gardener, educator and mother. She has grown and foraged plants for color in various environments including urban and suburban. Her most recent experience of … Read more