VIDEO: An Old Sweater, A New Lease on Life with Natural Dyes

sencha and bourbon

There are so many ways of giving your clothing a whole new life instead of sending them to the landfill. Natural dyes are just one of many ideas so we can’t help but love this “Haulternative” video by Leotie Lovely by photographer/videographer, Monique Pantel from Pantel Photo featuring La Manufacture Onirique and Sencha & Bourbon. How they help give an old favorite sweater a new lease on life with fresh color is wonderful.

Leotie Lovely made the video below as part of her support of Fashion Revolution’s week of #Haulternatives.

She says on her blog that she wanted to transform a sweater that was stained and unraveling.

“I’m so very grateful to have had her magic worked on my garment. As I write this post I’m wearing it and feel that happy glow, similar to what I feel when I wear my mama’s old shirts. By collaborating in the transformation by someone who puts so much love into what she does, a sweater that had no meaning and was stained and falling apart suddenly became a meaningful and much loved part of my wardrobe,” Leotie Lovely writes on her blog. To read the full article go here and to watch her lovely video, see below!

Images: Sencha & BourbonMonique Patel